The LPT40 – A Better Way To Get The Job Done.

Big Joe LPT40 Lithium-ion Powered Pallet Truck

Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck

The revolutionary LPT40 Lithium-ion powered pallet truck continues the Big Joe philosophy of matching the right tool to a job for maximum productivity and value. Designed from the ground up for advanced Li-ion battery technology, the LPT40 features the smallest power head in the industry, just 17” long, making it an excellent choice for lift gate delivery fleets, C store deliveries, and heavy-duty warehouse and manufacturing applications.  With a swappable lithium battery, 48v power, and a compact design the revolutionary Big Joe LPT40 simply offers a better way to get the job done.


The LPT40 Lithium Ion Powered Pallet Truck Features:

The LPT40 Lithium Pallet Truck Features:

  • Up to 3 hours of run-time per charge
  • Ergonomic handle with reversing switch, horn, and dual “butterfly”
  • Thumb controls are intuitive and allow for safe, accurate operation
  • The unique Easy Exchange battery system functions like common cordless hand tools
  • Strong 48V permanent magnet drive motor
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Key switch to limit access to approved personnel
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