Big Joe LVE35 Sprint Three Wheel Lithium Forklift Truck

LVE35 Sprint
Lithium-Ion Forklift

The LVE35 Sprint was uniquely designed from the ground up to help companies take maximum advantage of the latest in lithium-ion battery technology at a low cost of ownership.  The new Sprint is a 3,500 lb. capacity three-wheel model that features dual 80v drive motors to deliver exceptional performance and maneuverability.  The Sprint comes standard with a single phase 120vac onboard charger which can be upgraded to 240vac which will make deployments far simpler and less expensive than typical electric forklifts and eliminates the need for eye wash stations, mid-lift battery replacement, or regular battery maintenance needed with traditional electric forklifts.


The LVE35 Sprint Three Wheel Lithium Forklift Truck Features:

  • Dual AC drive motors for exceptional maneuverability
  • UL recognized 80v 230AH li-ion battery
  • Onboard 120vac charger upgradable to 240vac
  • Run time of 4-4.5 hours of continuous operation
  • Opportunity charge at the rate of up to 12% every 15 minutes
  • Programmable digital diagnostic display
  • Sideshift functionality for added productivity
  • Dual read steer tires for improved stability
  • Optional 480vac three-phase charger available

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